2023 Program Dates

The Summer 2023 program dates are available below.

There are currently five program options. To apply for a LITA program, please visit our Apply page . 

Five- Week Programs

North- June 19nd- July 25th, 2023

South 1 - June 19nd- July 25th, 2023

South 2 - June 26th - August 1st, 2023


Three- Week Programs

North- June 26th- July 17th, 2023

South- July 3rd- July 24th, 2023

*The departure and arrival airport is JFK for all programs.


To our Spanish faculty friends and colleagues: if you are interested in collaborating with LITA on a school specific program, please reach out to Jordan directly as we are currently planning for the 2022-2023 academic year and beyond. We typically do four or five school collaborations each year.


It was a blazing, summer afternoon in Andalucía as I looked around a circle of students totally engrossed in a taller de flamenco that overlooked a forest of cork trees. As a LITA group leader, it was one of the highlights of my year. We were at...
In the heart of a small mountain town in rural Aragón, where less than 600 people live, our students unknowingly prepared for what was going to be a very meaningful encounter. The weather was just perfect. Not too cold. Not too warm. The area...
El 4 de julio no se celebra en España, pero el año pasado sí se celebró con nuestro grupo de LITA. La noche del 4 de julio todos los estudiantes del grupo, y sus familias, fueron a la alfarería porque uno de los padres de acogida es un alfarero muy...
The Summer 2024 program dates are available below.There are currently four program options. To apply for a LITA program, please visit our Apply page. Five- Week ProgramsNorth: June 17-July 23South: June 23- July 27 Three- Week...