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LITA provides unique Spanish language immersion experiences for high school students with a true sense of adventure and a keen interest in language acquisition. All of our trips are held in Spain during the summer. Our incredible relationships with local families, educators, artists, and guides enable us to offer students a highly personalized and genuine language and cultural experience. Through small, intimate groups and personal attention throughout the entire trip process, LITA participants acquire an in-depth understanding of the Spanish language and the diverse nature of Spanish culture. Our goal is for all LITA students to return home with a sense of global citizenship that lasts a lifetime.

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About LITA

The word "LITA" alludes to the philosophical foundation of our program: a Spanish word ending with the diminutive "ita" often denotes something small, personal, and is something or someone toward which one feels great affection. This informs all elements of our programs.

We are a rural-focused language immersion program providing motivated high school students a completely different approach to exploring the dynamic elements of the Spanish language and culture. We offer a comprehensive exploration of Spain, focusing on language study as it relates to art, food, music, family life, and discoveries off the beaten path.

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LITA Director

Jordan Romm is LITA’s Director. Having lived in Spain for many years, Jordan has woven his relationships with local families, artists and educators into what is now LITA.

A graduate of Middlebury College, Jordan holds an M.Ed. from the University of Vermont. When he is not with students in Spain, he can be found playing music, cooking, or enjoying his hometown of Austin, Texas, with his wife, Kate, and his children Miles (13) and Ayla (11).

Discover LITA

LITA Assistant Director

Monserrat "Monsie" Muñoz is LITA's Assistant Director.

Monsie is an educator and native Spanish speaker. Originally from California, she grew up in Texas and spent summers visiting her family in León, Guanajuato, México. The Spanish language allows Monsie to maintain and reinforce her bond with her cultural roots.

Monsie is a graduate of Williams College. Before joining LITA, Monsie taught high school Spanish and History in Dallas, TX. She also coached several sports and enjoyed sponsoring various student clubs and affinity groups. She is also a member of various organizations that facilitate discussions around diversity, equity and inclusion in schools.

In her free time, Monsie enjoys sharing meals with family and friends, traveling, reading historical fiction, and watching soccer games.