Dates and cost


For Summer 2024, we will be offering four programs:

5 Week Programs

North Group: June 17 to July 23, 2024
South Group: June 23 to July 27, 2024

3 Week Programs

North Group: June 24 to July 15, 2024
South Group: July 1 to July 22, 2024


5 Week North: $10,400
5 Week South: $10,125
3 Week Programs: $7,250

*Tuition excludes international airfare



Students who apply to LITA must be finishing 9th through 11th grades in high school and have a minimum of three years of Spanish study. There is also a cursory speaking assessment conducted with LITA staff to ensure participant readiness for a full immersion program. This is not a "test;" it is a tool we use to get to know new applicants and determine if a student's personal approach aligns with the goals of a LITA program.

LITA students have an ability to commit to being a positive member of a small group through new, and at times challenging, cultural and linguistic experiences. They have a true sense of adventure, a keen interest in language acquisition, and a willingness to be outside of their comfort zones in an immersive environment.


Financial Aid

We recognize that the cost of a summer program can be prohibitive to many students and families, and LITA is committed to helping make our summer programs accessible to as many motivated Spanish students as possible. As a smaller program, we are only able to offer financial aid awards to a small percentage of students each summer. However, we encourage all applicants in need of financial assistance to complete our online application for financial aid as well as seek out outside scholarship awards, grants and other financial aid opportunities.

We will use the following timeline for administering financial assistance to applicants:

January 31 - Full financial aid application for summer program is due
February 15 - LITA sends financial aid offer
February 28 - Deadline for student to accept offer

LITA's application for financial aid as well as a list of fundraising resources can be accessed via the individual login portal.

*Financial aid is contingent on acceptance to the program.